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What does it mean to the the primary owner of a job?

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A Primary Owner within Vendorable is the individual who owns the property job - either sale or lease.

This role is different to teams. 

It does not control permissions around acceptance, termination or rating, it relates more to the direction of communication and notification to and from the platform.

A Primary Owner receives notifications about the job when: 

  • a new bid is received;

  • bids are due;

  • a recommended bid is approved; 

  • a message or file is received; and

  • a week is finished and a marketing report is produced.

Transferring a job
A Property Owner can transfer a job to a team member by clicking the following button down the bottom of the Job tab 

Important note
Once you transfer a job to a teammate you will be unable to recover ownership. The individual within your team that you transfer a job to will have to transfer it back to you themselves.

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