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Add a property
Add a property

This tutorial shows you how to add a new property to Vendorable

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Click Sign In to Vendorable and sign in to Vendorable using your username, which is your email and your password. 

When you first sign in, you’ll arrive at your profile

There are two ways to add a property

You can add a new property by clicking the Add property in the centre of the page.

Alternatively you can click on the Properties index at the top of the app.

This will allow you to:

  • search for the address of the property, if you think you might have created it before; or

  • click the Add property button on the left hand side of the Properties index.

Adding property information

One you click Add property you will be prompted to:

  • Enter the Address of the property, amend the unit number as required including specific information. 

  • Enter the Title details if you have them handy. 

  • Choose your Property type, from the options available or select other. If the property is tenanted choose TenancyYou can also add a property manager's email later if you want to include them in your tender for services.

  • Select the appropriate Ownership scheme

  • Add information about anything specific or unique to the Special features box. 

You can also add your team to the property at this point if you have created one. 

Then click save. 

On success, you’ll see a note at the top of the screen showing you have successfully created a new property! 

It will now also appear in your property index; however, we’ll deal with that in another video.

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