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How to send files to an agent
How to send files to an agent

Sending files in the workspace to an agent is easy

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So you want to send a file to a vendor?


You can attach to upload files in the Workspace tab.

But first you'll need to get there. 

Navigating to a workspace
Here are two ways to get to a workspace.

  • To get to the workspace you can either click on Work up the top and then the pink workspace button.


  • If you have a lot of properties on the go, click on Bids and then search for the address using the search box and then click on the address of the relevant property.

Attaching a file
Once you're in the workspace click on the pink Message button to open up the message box in the bottom right-hand corner.

The message box has a little paperclip in the corner of the message box it looks like this and turns pink when you hover over it:


Click on it to open up a file uploader. 

You can then upload files from anywhere in your Explorer / Finder on your file system, just like you would attach files to an email normally.

The owner will also be sent a message to let them know that you've uploaded files to the Workspace.

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