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How to submit a sales proposal
How to submit a sales proposal

This article outlines how you as an agent can submit your proposal to sell a property

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Have you read the sale brief?

You've reviewed the Job tab and the information provided by the vendor and now you're ready to submit a proposal. 

If you haven't done this we thoroughly recommend reviewing the information on the Job tab first to see what vendors expect you to complete in your proposal.

Navigating to bid

You can navigate to submit a bid in one of two ways:

1. Via the Job tab if you scroll down the bottom and click the bid button per the below:

2. Alternatively, if you click on the Bids tab you'll be able to submit a bid by clicking the Be the first link if there are no submissions, or the Bid button if there are submissions.

This view will also give you the ability to look at other cost overviews from existing submissions prior to lodging yours if you'd like.

The Bid Form


Your proposal is submitted to the seller via the bid form. 

On the right hand side of the form there are some additional details about What happens next? 

These are definitely worthwhile reading if this is your first time submitting.

Also beside every field there is a little question mark providing tool tips specific to each box with greater details, an example looks like this:

Price estimate range

The price estimate range is your estimated range of value for the property.

If you have a specific value in mind these can equal each other. Be aware of your obligations under your relevant jurisdictions about the range you are either required or permitted to provide.


You can select a Fixed or Percentage commission not both, and we do not offer a ratchet in the fields. You cannot switch between Fixed or Percentage once you have chosen one, this confuses vendors. Also be aware some vendors only accept one or the other so be sure to read the sale brief accordingly.

Note: If you require a ratchet you need to indicate this in the
Cost details element and outline specifically what you are proposing.

Marketing cost & Other costs

We provide two boxes relating to costs (other than commission). 

  • Marketing costs: anything relating to marketing or advertising the property

  • Other costs: anything that is not marketing related that will be incurred. An example might be auctioneers fees

Be aware that agents cannot see this breakdown & other information. Also, please be aware you cannot attach information relating to costs, that will not be included, so you need to write it in the fields and you need to explain it clearly.

All costs presented should be inclusive of the relevant sales taxes in your jurisdiction to avoid confusion.

Strategy & Strategy details

Please outline your proposed method of sale, and then in the box next to it the rationale. Be aware some vendors outline in their sale brief on the Job what they require you to explain.


Please provide information about you, your agency, your experience and recent sales in this section as to why you should be selected as the agent for the sale. It's best to keep this brief and to the point. Vendors to not like or read large amounts of text. 

If you have additional information about you or your office, you can have it in your profile and you can invite the vendor to read your profile.

Example marketing material
You can attach a PDF here of your recent marketing documentation, this is a good way to show both the quality of your writing and calibre of the presentation of material you provide for your sales.

Link out to a recent sale (on your site or a listing site)

Agency type

You can recommend the type of agreement (governed by our terms of service) that you're proposing to use.

Documents attached to bid

  • Guide: anything additional required by law (we attach as much as possible automatically, if you think we've missed something you can attach it to and let us know)

  • Other: anything else you need to attach

Please do not attach an agency agreement to your proposal, or a form of an agency agreement, it will not be considered to form part of the agreement even if your bid is accepted.

How to submit

Once you are ready to submit you can click on the submit button that looks like the below:

If you realise you've made an error you can click the Edit Bid button that will now be on the top right of your submitted bid.

Also if you've successfully submitted a bid you will receive an email confirming a successful submission.

A note on attachments

Attachments are often one of the most problematic elements in submissions. 

What we often recommend is that you submit your bid first with all the form information completed, and then you edit your bid to attach the relevant documents. 

It's up to you, but if you're struggling with attachments please don't hesitate, as always to reach out via the question mark icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the app for help from one of our team.


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