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Direct tender invitations
Direct tender invitations

How do I find a tender that I've been directly invited to?

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There are two ways in which you may have received an invitation to tender for a listing opportunity.

The first is a public notification relating to your proximity to the tender and the opportunity radius that you have set in your agent profile.

The second method that is utilised to invite you to a tender is via a direct invitation. If you receive an email that outlined that you have been:

  1. Specifically invited to submit a tender for a particular address; and

  2. The person who invited you is nominated in the email (not just their organisation/category)

Then this tender invitation won't like in the normal Jobs index.

Instead it will sit in your Bids index:

And specifically it will have a flag saying Awaiting Bid that looks like this:

If you click on the address you will be taken through to the Job tab to review the Sale brief and Submit a proposal per the normal process.



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