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Responding to a message
Responding to a message

How to respond to a message received from Vendorable

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You've receive a message from Vendorable's workspace.

The contents of the message be in italics and included in the email.

It will look something like this:

"You have received a new message from [the sender's name]

The message will in italics so that you know what the message text was, that was sent to you in the app.

In order to respond to the message please do not reply via normal email response. You'll notice there's a link below the message that says:

If you click on the blue link, you will be redirected to Vendorable and you will be taken to the relevant workspace. From there you can type your return message in the message box that can be opened by click on either of these buttons:

And then typing in the text box where it says Send a message that looks like this:

You can then send your reply by hitting enter.

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