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Prospective buyers

How to record prospective buyers in the Workspace and their level of interest in the property

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Adding prospective buyers to the workspace ensures your client knows how much interest you are generating in the property and demonstrates who you have introduced to the property (this can protect your interest should a dispute arise).

As with all of your marketing efforts that you record in the Workspace, prospective buyers will appear in the marketing report available under "Reports" which is emailed to your client every week until a buyer is found for the property and a contract has been entered into.
If you have conducted your first open home and you are reading this article (firstly congratulations!) now is the time to add prospective buyers to the workspace.

Make sure that you are on the workspace tab in the relevant file, it looks like this, and will be underlined in pink:

Please make sure you have already kicked off your marketing campaign and recorded the open for inspection as a separate marketing activity including the date, number of people attending and any other comments. 

To add prospective buyers the agent scrolls to the heading "Prospective buyers" and presses the "New prospect" button. The agent includes the details of the prospective buyer, a date and any note about when they viewed the property and date and any note about the first time they enquired about the property.

The agent records the level of interest the prospective buyer has in the property including any price indicator, whether a contract has been issued and whether a formal offer has been made.

Once the prospective buyer is successfully created the agent sees the record in the Prospective Buyers table. From here, the agent can continue to add any further enquiries and property viewings that the prospective buyer makes or undertakes by selecting "Add enquiry" or "Add property viewing". Your client will see the information in this table too.

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