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Can I create a template bid proposal?
Can I create a template bid proposal?

No, Vendorable doesn't allow you to create a template bid.

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Vendorable doesn't allow agents to create template bids.

That sounds like it would be annoying because you don't want to repeat yourself and your content every time right?

We understand.

However, each and every job is different, and we want agents to consider the particular property, at that particular point in time including:

  • the most recent comparable market analysis;

  • market conditions; 

  • current market costs; and

  • willingness and availability to do the work.

As an organisation, we want you to put your best foot forward, so we don't want potentially stale content put forward to vendors.

We've had feedback previously, when we had draft bids, that some agents thought that they had submitted a bid when in actuality they had created a draft bid, saved it and forgot to comeback and submit their proposal.

Lastly, if we were to allow agents & brokers to create template bids, something might get submitted and accidentally accepted by a vendor that wasn't relevant, or wasn't desired, simply because the agent or their administrator didn't check the template first. We wouldn't want this to happen to you!

These are the key reasons we don't allow for template bids.

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