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Teamwork and stakeholders
Teamwork and stakeholders

How to work in teams, create teams, add teammates and assign teams and stakeholders to properties

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Vendorable allows you to work in teams as a property owner or person in charge of dealing with a property.

Assigning a team to a property will give your teammates access to that property and any transactions associated with it. 

Two different permission settings allow you to designate who has authority to recommend and approve certain actions, like appointing a real estate agent and who are team members.

You may wish to create a team for yourself and co-owner(s) of a property, or to manage larger volumes of property dealings in the case you are part of an enterprise or government entity. 

To create a team the user navigates to their profile and under the "Teams and teammates" heading presses the "New team" button.

To view your existing team details and edit your team press on the panel with your team  name. If you are a team authority you can edit who is in your team by pressing the "Edit" button. 

This is how you add and remove teammates. 

When you add a new property to Vendorable you are given the option to grant access to the property and its associated transactions. 

Select the name of the team you want to access the property when prompted.

The permission level of 'team member' performs recommendation actions, such as recommending that a certain agent be appointed. The permission level of 'team authority' approves a recommendation and otherwise has full control to deal with a property transaction in their discretion.

You can also provide view access to your transactions to any stakeholders, which is a separate concept and feature from teams.

Stakeholders can be added on a transaction by transaction basis and are only allowed to see what is happening. They cannot perform any actions. You can add stakeholders when publishing an opportunity.


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