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How do I rate an agent / broker?
How do I rate an agent / broker?

This article outlines how to rate an agent post sale transaction

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Once your real estate agent or broker has completed a sale transaction the next time you click into the Workspace you will be presented with a box that asks you to Review the agent.

It will look like this (this is just an example):ย 

If you're not ready to rate the agent/broker yet, you can click on the 'back' link in the top left-hand corner of the screen to dismiss it for the time being.

When you're ready and click on the pink Rate button you will be redirected to a screen that has a heading 'How was agent X's service performance':

It consists firstly of a series of sliders that ask you to rate an agent based on six (6) qualitative measures:

If an agent has performed as you expected then you should simply lease the rating for a category as Average / 3-star. This is a solid, as expected, as promised result.

Please note, if you rate an agent 5-stars in all categories, we will contact you as we want to know what made this agent so excellent. We rely upon vendors giving realistic ratings to help both themselves and their teams next time, as well as other vendors selling in the area soon after.

If all agents are 5-star, then no agents are 5-star. So please be conscious of this when doing you rating.

Next you will be asked whether you would recommend this agent to others. This does not put your name to recommending the agent, it simply adds to their tally of recommendations. So it should typically correspond / correlate with your qualitative rating above.

You can also leave a testimonial though this is entirely optional. You may wish to leave one, you may not.

When you're ready you can hit the Submit button:

and your rating of the agent for this particular task. Will be complete.

As always should you have any questions please contact us via the question mark in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen:

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your ratings of agents!

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