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Appointing a real estate agent to a sale
Appointing a real estate agent to a sale

This article describes how to appoint a real estate agent to sell your property, it also includes how to recommend a bid to a team authority

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Once your chosen (or sufficient) service providers have responded to your tender with their proposals you will be able to see these in the Bids table. 

In order to find the Bids table, go to Sales and type in the start of the address you're looking for or a file reference into the search box.

Once you have found the property sale tender that you are looking for, click on the address which will take you to the file.

Up the top of the file click the tab entitled Bids to get to the bids table.

This is what the Bids table looks like:

If you click on the Details for a bid you will be able to see the bid in full:

You'll know you're in the Bid in full as there will be the Recommend Bid button if you're in a team in the top right hand corner of the bid, along with a change log for the bid, including the time and date of any changes.

When you click on Recommend Bid you'll be prompted to choose to whom you would like to recommend the bid for approval:

And you'll be given the opportunity to leave them a File note.

Once you've recommended a bid it will change in the bids table to show that it has been recommended (and show that you recommended it) by changing color to green and outlined:

The approver to whom you recommended the bid will have received a notification about your recommendation.

They can either click the link in this notification email or follow the same path as noted above to find the file and when they go to the bid they will be presented with the recommended bid for acceptance:

When the approver clicks Accept bid they will be presented with a modal outlining:

  • Who made the recommendation

  • A warning or any relevant jurisdiction specific warnings and required disclosures

  • A copy of the file note left by the recommender

  • A last chance to change / confirm the Seller name(s) that is going to be printed on the electronic agency agreement

If all is in order the approver can click Accept bid and accept the real estate agent's proposal.

This will present a notice up top to say Bid accepted and will immediately take the approve to an open Workspace for the real estate agent and the vendor (and team) to start working with the agent. 

A note on the agency agreement

A copy of the agency agreement will also be available in the Reports tab (to the right of the Workspace and Bids tabs)

For any further help with appointing an agent

In app click the question mark icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the app, or email 

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