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What is the process for signing up to

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Thank you for considering signing up to Below is a short video, and a corresponding article about how to sign up.

In order to sign up to Vendorable, click the Create and account button up the top of your screen.

You'll be directed to the Sign up form.

There you will be required to enter your First name and Last name and let us know whether you are creating a Real estate agent account or not. In this case if you are a real estate service provider then you should say Yes if you are any other potential platform user, be it an owner, legal practitioner, conveyancer or stakeholder, you should tick No.

Enter the email that you'd like to have as your account login. Please bear in mind if you are a real estate service provider you'll need to use your work email, one that we can cross check with your work, as Gmail, Hotmail and other personal mail accounts will not be able to be accepted.

Choose a strong password (and confirm it).

Choose your timezone, that is the timezone you are in. Later on if you are submitting properties to sell, lease or value, or you are a real estate service provider who wants to submit in another jurisdiction - that's not a problem, the asset will have a location attached to it. I.e. if you are in Australia and need to sell a property in the US, you should choose your timezone, that is Australia, not the timezone of the asset you want to transact on.

Please read the Terms of service closely. You can get to them via and download a copy of the latest in PDF format from this link.

After accepting these you'll be sent a confirmation link via email to confirm you own the inbox / email that you've signed up with.

If you don't receive this email please check your junk/spam folder or alternatively resend yourself the confirmation instructions.

If you have already forgotten the password you used for sign up you can reset it here.

Thank you again for looking to sign up to we'd be delighted to have you on board.

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