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Can I send an email from within Vendorable?
Can I send an email from within Vendorable?

What emails are sent on a user's behalf by Vendorable and how can I email another user.

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Vendorable sends various notifications to users to help transactions proceed. Some of these are automated and some of them are user initiated. Notifications are made to users both in the platform via each user's notification centre and outside of the platform as an email.

For example, when a user publishes a job for service providers to respond to, relevant service providers will be notified to provide a proposal. When a user accepts a bid to provide services, both the job publisher and service provider will receive a notification that an agreement has been formed and that work towards fulfilling the agreement should commence.

Users in a workspace, which is created upon bid acceptance, are able to send each other messages. These messages are also sent as emails.

If a user is displaying an email address, this is typically represented by an envelope icon and can be pressed to initiate a new email to the user as addressee from your local email client.

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