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What information is captured in Vendorable?
What information is captured in Vendorable?

This article outlines briefly how information is capture in Vendorable and who it is available to, and when.

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Vendorable captures information from property owners and service providers to provide an efficient marketplace for real estate services. This means that we need to capture, store, transmit and record key information in different places and at different stages of the process.


Specific information about the privacy components of how we use information can be found here:

Owner users

In addition to what is outlined in our privacy policy it is important to understand that the platform is designed for you to control both:

  1. How much information you share with agent users (at each stage) during the process of evaluating and engaging them; and

  2. Create a space (the real property file) where you can collect and keep information that is just for you and your team - not service providers - unless you choose to share it (see 1 above).

Agent users

An important central tenet of Vendorable is transparency. In addition to the information outlined in our privacy policy it's important to note that there are parts of our app where we allow you to see information submitted by other service providers, but not their identity. However, that being said we understand the commercial sensitivity around non-financial components of submissions. This market knowledge and non-financial tendering expertise is not shared with other agents during the tendering process.

We are here to help

If you're ever confused about how we use information you can contact us either in app by clicking the question mark icon or you can reach us at and address your email to The Privacy Officer. We take the privacy of your personal, professional and company information very seriously.

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