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What are notified agents, and why don't I have any?

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The Notified Agents button in the Bids table when clicked brings up a list of exactly that, agents who are notified that the task exists.

Who is on the list?

Who is notified of a tender is determined by the nature of the tender that you are running.

  • When running a Closed tender - that is agents only invited directly via email (sometimes including a property manager if leased) the list is just a list the agents that were invited directly to the tender via email.

  • When running an Open tender - that is agents are invited by radius (and some agents can be added directly) - the list shown in notified agents will be those agents invited directly, plus those agents inside the radius.

Important note: It is important to note that for an Open tender we delay the notifications to agents on a radius basis in case you have made an error. E.g. you have selected 25kms when really you meant to pick 2.5kms. After 5 minutes of publishing (without edit), these notifications will go out. If you return to the Bids tab and refresh the notified agents list, the agents contacted will populate.

Why do they look different?

The agents in the notified agent list look different based on their status in the platform.

  • If the agent is signed up to the platform and they have completed their profile, then their preferred name, photo and logo will be showing;

  • If the agent is not signed up to the platform, they will still be showing but only their email will be showing, so that you can identify who has been invited by the email included (either by you or by us based on radius)

How is distance measured?

In the Notified Agents list you will notice that there is a sortable distance to the property. This is the straight line distance from the property's address to the agent's address in their profile. It is not the distance to your address, and it is not the distance to the operating location of the agent. This is important to note because many commercial agents do not provide a local address, they are all registered to the head office.

More questions?

If you have more questions, when you're signed in click the question mark icon ? in the bottom right-hand corner of the app and we'll happily help.

You'll need to be a user of the platform to ask a question of us, if you need to sign up you can do that here.

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