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Creating a sales job
Creating a sales job

You've loaded your property and you're ready to find a real estate agent / broker and sell your property

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Once you have created a new Property you will be able to click the Sell button:

This will open up the New Sale Job modal where if you have any templates you can pre-select one of these if appropriate.

Or, you can simply use the New Sale Job Form.

Once you've completed the form you can click Publish and the relevant agents will be notified.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to publish a
Yes absolutely 

I want my supervisor to check the job?
Not a problem. If you assign a team to the job and publish it, your team, including your supervisor will be able to review and edit it if necessary.

What if I forgot something?
Don't worry. You can Edit Job once a job is published and the agents involved with the job will be notified of the change via email. There's also an Activity Log in the platform on the right-hand side of the Job where Agents can view updates.

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