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How can I add our own file and client numbers to our properties and sales

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Frequently asked questions

One of the main questions we get from property owner user groups is that they don't think about properties as an address, but rather a client reference.

And then this invariably leads to the next question:

Can I add a File Reference? 

The answer is Yes, absolutely you can add a file reference.

If you've forgotten to add a File Reference you can click Edit Property and or Edit Job

When you re-publish the job it will then appear in the Job show and be searchable in the index.

Who can search your file reference?

As long as a Property has a Team attached to it, then it will be visible to all the team members and as such all Authorities and Members of the team can search in the Properties, Sale and Lease indices for File References.

Do agent's see your file reference?

No, agents do not see a file reference for a property.

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