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Receiving an invitation to join Vendorable
Receiving an invitation to join Vendorable

You've received an invitation to join Vendorable via email what now?

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Vendorable allows owners to invite participants into both their team to work collaboratively and into their transactions to request their services.

Receiving an invitation

When you are invited into a team or a transaction you will receive an email notifying you of who has invited you and providing you with a link to join.

First you'll have to sign up to Vendorable using the normal process, from there you'll then either be able to navigate directly to the property or service task.


Being invited to a team

When you're invited as a team member you'll have access to all the files allocated to that team. If you've been invited as a team authority you'll have certain additional privileges to that of a team member.

Being invited to a stakeholder role

If you have been invited to be a stakeholder on a particular transaction it will allow you view only access to the relevant file(s). You will not be able to see the private information relating to the property, but you will be able to see all information relating to the transaction services.

Being invited to a lawyer role

If you're invited as a lawyer you'll be notified of changes during the transaction process, and post appointment of a service provider.


It is important to note that outside your role that you may have been invited to above, you are still able to access Vendorable to conduct your own, sales, leasing, valuations and other transaction services - should you role and organisation require it.

However, if you create properties and transactions without adding the relevant team, your teammates will not be able to see these properties and transactions.

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